Let's Talk About Water Topics

Each month in 2021, Let's Talk About Water is exploring a major topic in the world of water issues -- presenting you with films, podcast episodes, and additional resources to learn about the world's water woes, and why we should care.

At the end of the month, a selection of feature-length and short films related to the topic will be announced. These award-winning films are available in our Virtual Theatre as part of our second annual Let's Talk About Water Film Festival, culminating with the announcement of our Water Film Prize winners the last week of June 2021. 

Though our films rotate on a monthly basis in the Virtual Theatre, the additional content, resources, and information on each of our Topics pages are always available to you. 


Each of our monthly topics is drawn from a theme explored on the Let's Talk About Water podcast. Join us as we explore issues like Environmental Racism, Groundwater, Climate Migration, Water Policy, and more. 

Environmental Racism

Environmental Racism is the disproportionate impact of hazardous environmental conditions on members of Black and Indigenous communities. How can we combat racism embedded in structures tied to land, the environment and power? 

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Natural Systems, Human Nature, Common Ground: 

The story of groundwater

The world relies on groundwater, which is getting harder and harder to find.  With groundwater close to the surface vanishing, well-drillers are forced to turn to deep drilling for corporate, agricultural, and domestic water needs. But going deep this way is far more expensive and increasingly yields contaminated water.

Valuing Water

What does it really mean to value water? It is no question that water is our most precious, non-renewable resource. The question is: how can we value it in a way that honors, preserves, and protects its dwindling supply?


Climate Adaptation & Migration

As the permafrost of our planet melts away, so do the houses, communities, and stored water.  With the onset of these events, comes the Great Climate Migration. To call it “great” is no exaggeration. By 2070, 1 in 3 people around the world will be forced to choose between persevering in an inhabitable region or move.

Dams, Flooding &
Sea Level Rise

What do coastal flooding, big dam removal, and sea level rise have in common? Water, of course. Check out the films and podcasts on our topics page to explore the ever-pressing issue of climate-induced extreme weather events. 

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