Slippery Slopes: Canadian Recreation Meets Climate Change

Climatologist Micah Hewer and economist Pat Lloyd-Smith tell Jay about the good, the bad, and the ugly effects of global warming on Canada's outdoor recreation sector. On the bad side of the ledger: shorter downhill skiing and skating seasons and slime-covered lakes in the summer. On the good side: longer, better seasons for outdoor pursuits like hunting, bird watching, and cross-country skiing. And one of the best of all: better, more widespread winemaking, especially of fine red wine

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Guest Bio

Dr. Micah Hewer

Dr. Hewer is a lecturer and research associate in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto in Scarborough. He is an environmental scientist, Canadian geographer, and applied climatologist who specializes in climate change impacts and biometeorology. Dr. Hewer’s research focus has been dominated by the study of tourism climatology and climate change impacts for recreation and tourism. Micah has focused on the relationship between weather and climate and camping, as well as zoo attendance. He has also explored the impacts of climate change on ice conditions in Ontario. Most recently, Dr. Hewer has begun to look at the impact of projected climate change on grape growth and wine production in British Columbia, Fraser Valley, and Okanogan Valley.

Dr. Pat Lloyd-Smith

Patrick Lloyd-Smith is an assistant professor of water and resource economics at the University of Saskatchewan. Pat’s work focuses on measuring the benefits people receive from nature and how this information can be used to make better decisions involving environmental resources such as wetlands, water, and fish. Pat is also a member of the interdisciplinary Global Institute for Water Security where he contributes his economics expertise towards ongoing work modeling Canada’s water future.


Dr. Micah Hewer Research

Thirty years of assessing the impacts of climate change on outdoor recreation and tourism in Canada, Micah Hewer and William Gough

Download • 588KB

Canada's Change Climate Report (CCCR 2019)

Climate change forces ski resorts to make more artificial snow (news article)

Dr. Patrick Lloyd-Smith Research

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