Groundwater: 'Go Deep or Go Dry’ is Unsustainable

Debra Perrone, Assistant Professor UC Santa Barbara, discusses the dwindling groundwater supply affecting 12 million US wells caused by global warming and over-consumption. The world relies on groundwater, which is getting harder and harder to find.  With groundwater close to the surface vanishing, well-drillers are forced to turn to deep drilling for corporate, agricultural, and domestic water needs. But going deep this way is far more expensive and increasingly yields contaminated water.

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Debra Perrone

Debra Perrone is an Assistant Professor of UCSB’s Environmental Studies Program. Deb integrates research methods from engineering, physical science, policy science, and law to inform water sustainability and public policy; she uses a wide-spectrum of outlets to disseminate her research, including peer-reviewed journals, policy briefs, and interactive- online dashboards. In 2019, Debra co-authored an undergraduate textbook, Water Resources: Science and Society, which provides a foundation in water science and policy and highlights the challenges and opportunities surrounding our global water resources. 


Deb's lecture at the Global Institute for Water Security Distinguished Lecture Series

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