COVID-19 and Our Water Supply

What is the impact of COVID-19 on our water supply? As we learn on the Season 2 debut of "Let's Talk About Water," scientists' initial fears the virus could be a waterborne as well as  airborne have lessened. But as it has in just about every other aspect of our lives, COVID has affected how we understand and use water.

Host Jay Famiglietti speaks to water scientist Markus Brinkmann about the University of Saskatchewan's involvement in an important new international surveillance project. It tracks COVID-19 through large populations by studying their sewage.

Jay also speaks to Navajo rights activist Emma Robbins. Robbins explains how COVID has jeopardized people engaged in the day-to-day struggle to find potable water on the largest Native American Reservation in the United States.

And he talks to high-tech entrepreneur Trever Andrew, a member of the Shuswap First Nation in South-Central British Columbia. Clients from around the world are flocking to buy Andrew's new web-based app to help secure their water treatment systems during this anxious period of pandemic.