Executive Director
    Global Institute for Water Security

    Jay Famiglietti is a hydrologist, a professor and the Executive Director of the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan, where he holds the Canada 150 Research Chair in Hydrology and Remote Sensing. Before moving to Saskatchewan, he served as the Senior Water Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Jay and his team have been researching and communicating about water and climate change — in academics, in business, in government and to the general public — for over 30 years.   He appeared as a featured expert in Participant Media’s water documentary “Last Call at the Oasis”, on CBS News 60 Minutes, and on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.  Jay is a frequent speaker and he is an avid writer for the general public.  His research and commentary are often featured in the international news media, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Economist,  and in network, cable and public television news.  Jay is a regular guest on National Public Radio, BBC Radio, CBC Radio and other public radio shows.


    Creator & Founding Director
    Let's Talk About Water

    Linda Lilienfeld is the creator and director of the Let’s Talk About Water Film & Water Symposia. Linda has over thirty-five years of experience as a film and picture researcher, specializing in science and history on projects ranging from PBS documentaries to museum exhibits and books. She has served for the past ten years as a research assistant to Peggy Parsons, curator of the Film Program at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. She has been a member of the steering committee and pre-screening committee for the International Water and Film Events.


    Director of Communications
    Global Institute for Water Security

    Mark Ferguson is a research and media communications expert specializing in water and climate research with long-term societal and environmental implications. Currently, Mark holds positions as the communications specialist with the Global Institute for Water Security and Global Water Futures program at the University of Saskatchewan, and as director of operations for Let’s Talk About Water. Mark holds a graduate degree in journalism from the University of King’s College, a bachelor of arts from the University of Saskatchewan, and specialist training in science communication from the Banff Centre for the Arts. He has worked previously at the Canadian Light Source, Aga Khan Foundation (Tajikistan), and as a journalist with newspapers, magazines, and radio stations across Canada. Mark is also an avid videographer, podcaster, and award-winning photographer.


    Project Manager 
    Let's Talk About Water Film Festival

    Erin is a communications professional with a passion for engaging audiences through effective storytelling. She is currently the Project Manager for the LTAW Film Festival. Formerly, she was the Communications & Event Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability at Wake Forest University where she enjoys developing integrated marketing campaigns with a call to action for the climate crisis. Her editorial expertise and background in journalism inform all that she does -- from coordinating large public events to developing creative content for social media channels and everything in between. She specializes in community engagement and has a keen eye for aesthetic design that prioritizes user experience.


    Media Producer

    Producer, designer, innovator, team player and (agile) product owner. IT and media production allrounder with an engineering background. Began work in music and video industry, has since evolved into a systems developer, creating innovative interactive media solutions for stage shows, display systems, kiosks, standalone applications and the web.


    Outreach Coordinator
    Global Institute for Water Security

    Stacey is the Outreach Coordinator with the Global Institute for Water Security and Global Water Futures program at the University of Saskatchewan. Since she joined the institute in 2016, her work has focused on  promoting the activities and research of the GIWS through events and visual media. Stacey holds a bachelor of science in Geography and Planning (with a specialty in water science) and a Master's degree in hydrology looking at the impacts of climate change and land use change on the hydrology in the Canadian Prairies. She has previously worked at the Meewasin Valley Authority and Environment and Climate Change Canada and is devoted to advocating to protect our freshwater resources. 


    Research Administrative Assistant
    Global Institute for Water Security

    Tyrone is a Research Admin Assistant at the Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) in an active role to assist in organizing local and international water-science events; prepare annual reports; as well as to apply and manage research funding's for the GIWS. Tyrone holds two Master's degrees in Geology (India) and Water Security (Canada). Prior to his present role, he has worked in Groundwater and Rain Water Harvesting consulting firms and projects. He likes to talk about the connection between water, humans, and the earth considering his past-present life experiences and education.


    Digital Services Coordinator
    Global Institute for Water Security

    Jesse is the Digital Services Coordinator for the Global Institute for Water Security, where he develops and implements digital communications initiatives on platforms such as web, mobile, and social media. He previously worked with the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning at USask, where he had done similar work in his role as Information and Communication Assistant. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, meaning he likes to talk and debate about hypothetical scenarios. A lot.