The LTAW 2021 Film Festival is being held virtually again this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  From January - June, 2021 we are releasing a curated monthly film program in our Virtual Theatre that explores a designated topic in water issues through the lens of feature-length and short films. The 2021 season will culminate the last week of June,  highlighting the winners of the Water Film Prize competition.  

Access all of our film programming in our Virtual Theatre. In 2020, our films gained over 13,000 views from viewers in nearly 40 countries. Click below to register, enter the virtual theatre, and watch our films during the 2021 season. 


The Let's Talk About Water (LTAW) Film Festival is a program that combines water science with the power of film to promote active discussion about water issues and solutions.  The festival includes screenings of award-winning feature-length and short films, aiming to make water issues accessible and bridge the communication gap between scientists and the public.  


The LTAW Film Festival is currently partnered with the Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) at the University of Saskatchewan. GIWS offers the Water Film Prize as part of the festival with two distinct categories - an International Prize for filmmakers over the age of 18 and a Youth Prize for aspiring student filmmakers grades 5-12 to submit short films about water issues. Our Youth Engagement efforts provide teachers, students, and all aspiring filmmakers with workshop training and free resources to learn the ins and outs of film production. 


Q: How long do I have to watch the films? 

Each program of films will be available for on-demand viewing, typically for one month. This gives you time to enjoy them on your own schedule! We will let you know how long each program and its specific films are available.


Q: When will the film programs and topics be released? 

You can expect a new film program and topic to be released the last Thursday of each month. One exception is World Water Day, which takes place each year on March 22. We will release our films early in line with our World Water Day celebration and Global Forum. 

Q: Is it free to watch the films?

YES! Let's Talk About Water's mission is to be a communication hub for water science - using the power of film and media to bridge the gap between researchers and the general public. Our mission is rooted in education and engagement in water issues and solutions, so our Film Festival is free to all registered users. 

Q: How do I watch the films?

It's easy - sign up here in our LTAW Virtual Theatre. This is where all of our featured films are hosted and where our short filmmaking competition, the Water Film Prize, is being held. 






The Let's Talk About Water (LTAW) Film Festival was started in 2020 as a new project and partnership between Linda Lilienfeld, founding director of LTAW, and the Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS). Let's Talk About Water has existed for over 10 years in partnership with the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI), promoting water and earth science education by using film and panel discussions to engage audiences and encourage critical thinking. 

Jay Famiglietti, Executive Director of GIWS at the University of Saskatchewan, had previously worked with Linda on the very first Let's Talk About Water Challenge Grant event at UC Irvine in 2008 and have been colleagues for years. Let's Talk About Water now includes many initiatives beyond the Film Festival including the Water Film Prize short filmmaking competition, the LTAW podcast, and other events and opportunities related to water issues awareness and water science communication.