Topics and Film Programs

We explore major topics in the world of water issues -- presenting you with films, podcast episodes, and additional resources to learn about the future of our planet's water and why you should care. 


The Let's Talk About Water Film Festival is a unique program combining the power of film and the science of water to inform and engage students, scientists and the general public in active discussion about water issues and solutions.


LTAW Film & Water events have been held at universities and theatres around the world for over 10 years. This year, we were able to screen 12 feature length and short films to explore topics in current water issues ranging from climate migration to environmental racism, sea-level rise, dam removal and more. Each month, we connected our selected films to conversations on the LTAW Podcast, hosted by Dr. Jay Famiglietti and featuring expert guests. These award-winning films were released monthly in our Virtual Theatre as part of our second annual Let's Talk About Water Film Festival, culminating the last week of June 2021.


How does a scientist who studies water by day sleep at night? Not well. As drought and flooding get more extreme, the head of the Global Institute for Water Security is looking for answers from around the world. Join host Jay Famiglietti as he and his colleagues meet people tackling our world’s water woes.


The LTAW Film Festival accepts entries for short films—up to two minutes—that inform, educate, inspire and motivate people to come together and embrace our ubiquitous need to value water and to share compelling narratives on the future of our planet's water and why you should care. 

There are currently two prize categories being offered: 1) An International Prize category for anyone over 18 years of age, and 2) The Youth Prize category for student participants ages 10-18.

For all participants, we have made  virtual filmmaking resources and training modules available to help you craft your short film for the Water Film Prize competition. For more information on each, click below!

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